GYL20200 Top Guided Single Seat

                  ◆L-20200CAGE single seat valve,Using the top guide unbalanced structure, high strength, heavy load, S streamlined channel, the pressure drop, flow coefficient, a wide range of adjustable flow characteristics of high precision. The regulating valve suitable for heavy loads, ordinary or poor working conditions, closed tightly, adapted to the various pressure and temperature of the fluid or gas control, adaptation of various actuators regulatory role.
                  Valve cage for pressing the valve seat design, reducing the lateral load and spool vibration, reduce friction and extend the useful life of the control valve. Stream open design, medium flow tends to control the direction of the valve is open, the state of the micro flow controllability. Special conditions selectable noise reduction, anti-cavitation valve cage (see series GYL-20800/20900).
                  ◆ control valve parameter description
                  Trim features: high load, the caged pressure valve cage, the top guide, unbalanced piece Quick Release
                  Body type: straight-through, angle type, z-shaped
                  On the valve cover types: standard at room temperature, high temperature heat-type, low temperature elongation type
                  Temperature range: -196 ℃ ~ 538 ℃
                  Stem seal types: ordinary standard packing, high temperature packing seal bellows seal
                  Standard leakage class: CLASSV (standard type, metal seat) CLASSVI (selection, soft seat)
                  Percentage of the straight line of the flow characteristics:
                  And pipe connections: Flanged, butt-style
                  Adjustable ratio: 50:1