GYL20400 Series unbalanced cut type control valve

                  ◆The L20400 series valve the heart arc-sealed design with self-centering design of pressure relief valve heart, and effectively to ensure a tight fit for sealing joints, ensure to ANSI Class VI leakage level. The single-seat circular sealing surface, can be used to open stream flow off two flows, configure different thrust actuators, can greatly improve the Close differential pressure range. High close off pressure, the choice of the pressure relief double seat, double seat pressure relief flow related design, open small valve heart can eliminate some of the unbalanced force. Choice of two different trim, unbalanced cut off type control valves use coverage, including low temperature, high temperature and high pressure differential of different conditions.
                  ◆ control valve parameter description
                  Trim features: top guide unbalanced sealing surface of valve heart arc-double of the pressure relief valve seat quick release type of heart trim cage compression within piece screw-seat seat-oriented unbalanced
                  Body type: straight-through angle formula z-shaped
                  On the valve cover types: normal temperature standard high-temperature heat low temperature elongation type
                  Temperature range: -196 ℃ ~ 538 ℃
                  Stem seal types: the ordinary standard packing high temperature packing seal bellows seal
                  The standard leakage Level: CLASS VI
                  Flow characteristics: quick opening
                  And pipe connections: flanged buttweld