GYL20900 Cage Guided Multi-Stage Pressure Drop

                  ◆The L20900 a perforated cage sets of combination with unbalanced trim design, in accordance with the requirements of the media process parameters, design multiple different buck buck trim a multi-level the cage sets of combination, fluid from contactonly first buck cage sets began to consume energy, gradually reduce the fluid pressure to prevent flashing through multiple antihypertensive cage sets, the occurrence of cavitation cavitation growth trim life. Unbalanced single-seat, heart valve and valve seat joints work closely together to ensure a very low leakage. The structure of such inner parts suitable for a variety of easy to produce blocking flow caused by cavitation process fluid conditions. Imbalance pieces to fit the specifications of the smaller diameter valves. (Large diameter specifications see L40900)
                  ◆ control valve parameter description
                  Cage sets oriented imbalance within the cage pressure seat trim features:
                  The perforated cage portfolio Quick release structure
                  Body type: straight-through angle formula z-shaped
                  On the valve cover types: normal temperature standard high-temperature heat low temperature elongation type
                  Temperature range: -196 ℃ ~ 538 ℃
                  Stem seal types: the ordinary standard packing high temperature packing seal bellows seal
                  Standard leakage class: CLASS V (standard type, metal seat)
                  Percentage of the straight line of the flow characteristics:
                  And pipe connections: Flanged
                  Adjustable ratio: 50:1