GYL-20800 series of multi - level control valve with unbalanced labyrinth


                  Balance labyrinth multistage control valve GYL-20800 series, designed for a variety of easy to produce process fluid flow or cavitation blocking design; innovative design of multi chip labyrinth disc combination, each piece of labyrinth disc according to the different level of antihypertensive and circulation ability, to design, from the lowest to the highest level of blood pressure two the eight step, all integrated in the labyrinth disc, each channel according to the labyrinth disk series with different pressure different rotation angle and the number of compression or expansion of the channel by at least seven, trench, up to fifteen pieces of labyrinth disc stack structure; labyrinth disc design through simulation of fluid simulation calculated accurately every time flow capacity of CV value and flow characteristics. This series is suitable for the control valve with less specifications. Large diameter specification need to adopt a balanced internal parts.